Vulnerability assessment is an examination of application or system to including current security control to withstand assault. Fundamental reason to conduct vulnerability assessment is to identify the weaknesses that could be exploited and predication of security effectiveness in corporate is the reason to do the assessment.

With our IT audit in line with industry standards we recognize, measures and classify the security vulnerabilities in computer, network and communication channels.

    Different level of assessment:

  • active assessment
  • passive assessment
  • internal assessment
  • external assessment
  • application assessment
  • network assessments
  • At the conclusion of your assessment, you will receive:

  • A detailed report outlining validated external and internal network vulnerabilities, including risk ratings and recommendations for remediation.
  • A debriefing with stakeholders to discuss findings and remediation
  • With our Vulnerability Assessment service, we don't simply give you the results and generic recommendations from the latest vulnerability scanning tool. We provide real-world analysis of the data and use it to create a remediation plan specifically tailored to your organization. This allows your organization to quickly determine and prioritize the remediation efforts that will result in a measured improvement in the security of your sensitive information.